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Ep. 44 - Pookie's Revenge

So many unsolved mysteries we can't even count. Cassidy shares the twisted tale of the Betz Mystery Sphere and Amanda covers the shocking disappearance of Kenny Veach and his encounter with the "M" cave. In other news...what happened to Pookie? Listen to find out!

The Betz Mystery Sphere:

The "castle" the family lived in:

Kenny Veach's youtube video about the M Cave Hike:

Libera'Sean's youtube video where you can hear "help" down the mine shaft (listen until 10:08):

Libera'Sean's follow up where he believes he found the M Cave:

2 commentaires

Chrissy Drew Soto
Chrissy Drew Soto
29 mars 2021

Don't go in our creepy caves! There are mine shafts everywhere too. It is super sketchy to trek out in the Nevada desert.

30 mars 2021
En réponse à

The Nevada desert always has something spooky going on out there I swear...

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