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Ep. 26 - It's a "HaHa" moment

The world is full of strange and mysterious things... two of which are Cassidy and Amanda. This week Amanda details some of the most haunted objects available on eBay. While Cassidy explains just a few theories as to why a certain time of the year seem much more deadly than others.

A few of the haunted items on eBay...

"Haunted Porcelain Spirit Doll with Negative Attachment Very Active"

"Fawly The Actively Haunted Porcelain Faced Yellow Clown Doll"

For the main event, We have "The Hands Resist Him" painting by Bill Stoneham. You can still see this painting in a gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


For the second half of our episode, Cassidy discusses why April is said to be the cruelest month. Tune in to hear why...


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